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Creation of a website with client access and meal ordering system

Creation of a website with client access and meal ordering system

Website Creation with Specific Development

Project Name

Restodom Restodom

Completion Date



Developer and Designer of the Project

Order / Objectives

Restodom is the creation of a new meal delivery solution for elderly people in Bordeaux. The goal is to differentiate from competitors with a human-centered approach and affordable prices for the client.

After analyzing competing solutions and to ensure the smoothest user experience possible, I developed the following features:

Creation of a professional, clean website focused on ease of use and clarity of information, Creation of an intuitive admin interface to update menus and certain site sections, Ability for the admin to directly import Excel files provided by the partner collective kitchen to update the menus. The entire process occurs without any reprocessing by the admin, ensuring maximum time savings and avoiding input errors. Intuitive and dynamic client ordering system, with prices updating automatically based on the selected menu items. Special attention was given to the user experience considering the target population, with adapted buttons and color feedback to easily visualize choices. These improvements will allow better service management and a smoother user experience than competitors in the Bordeaux area.

The site is entirely designed according to best practices for SEO, responsive design, and performance optimization.

Technologies Used


For this project, I decided to use the Javascript framework Next.js. This framework offers a pleasant development experience, efficient routing, and comfortable rendering options (static, SSR, or CSR).

It enables very good site performance in terms of loading speed. This framework uses the React library to facilitate the development of interactive and modern user interfaces. Moreover, Next allows for a full-stack application, reducing hosting costs and simplifying development with shared types between the frontend and backend in the same application.


When a site I develop involves a lot of logic and data models like Pizza Carmes, I appreciate having typed code. The comfort provided by autocompletion and early error detection ensures smoother development and more maintainable code over time.


I find that Tailwind allows for quick and efficient CSS development once accustomed to the syntax. TailwindCSS

Results and Performance

The site is live and available here Restodom

Analysis with PagesSpeedInsight shows good site performance on both desktop and mobile! Restodom performance report

This will allow my client not to worry about the site’s performance for SEO.

The site was also designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact, both in terms of site design (limited and cached requests, use of SSR, low DOM size) and hosting choice. The site is hosted with CloudFlare, which is committed to eco-friendly practices, with data centers powered by renewable energy, further reducing the site’s environmental impact. Environmental impact report of the site

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