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Pizza Carmes

Redesign of a website for online ordering and payment of pizzas

Redesign of a website for online ordering and payment of pizzas

Custom e-commerce site design

Project Name

Pizza Carmes Pizza Carmes

Completion Date



Developer and designer of the project

Commission / Objectives

Pizza Carmes is above all the story of two former employees who took over the business of a famous pizza brand. They set up their own restaurant in order to be totally independent and free from the constraints of a franchised restaurant.

To improve their sales and customer experience, they contacted me to redesign their website, both in terms of design and functionality:

  • Ability to choose extras when ordering pizza,
  • Choice of dough thickness in menus,
  • Creation of an intuitive administrator interface for modifying, adding and deleting pizzas, menus, ingredients, etc.
  • Out-of-stock management via admin interface,
  • Add sales suggestions before payment,
  • Dynamic management of delivery / pick-up times…

These improvements will enable us to better manage our services, particularly during rush periods, and also to increase the average order basket.

The site has been entirely designed according to best practices in natural referencing, responsive design and performance optimization.

Technologies Used


For this project, I decided to use the Javascript framework Next.js. This framework enables pleasant development, efficient routing and comfortable rendering options (either static, SSR or CSR).

In particular, it delivers excellent site performance in terms of display speed.
This framework uses the React library to enable easy development of modern, interactive user interfaces. What’s more, Next allows you to have an application that includes both backend and frontend, reducing hosting costs and facilitating development by sharing types between frontend and backend in the same application.


When a site I’m developing includes a lot of logic and data models, like Pizza Carmes, I appreciate that my code is typed. The comfort provided by autocompletion and upstream error detection makes development smoother and the code more maintainable over time.


I find that tailwind makes CSS quick and efficient once you’re used to the syntax. TailwindCSS


A simple tool to manage the sending of emails to customers and the pizzeria manager every time an order is placed. Emails can be developed in React, ensuring consistency with the overall application stack.

Result and Performance

The site is online and available here Pizza Carmes

Analysis with PagesSpeedInsight shows good site performance on both desktop and mobile Performance report

This means my customer won’t have to worry about the site’s SEO performance.

The site has also been designed to have as little ecological impact as possible, both in terms of site design (limited and hidden queries, use of SSR, small DOM size) and choice of hosting. The site is hosted with CloudFlare, who are committed to an eco-responsible approach, and their datacenters are powered by renewable energy, which further limits the site’s environmental impact. Rapport sur l’impact environnemental du site

What if it were you?

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