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Landing page creation for a chartered accountant.

Landing page creation for a chartered accountant.

Showcase Website Creation

Project Name

LBG-Expertise LBG-Expertise

Completion Date



Developer and designer of the project

Commission / Objectives

Creation of a professional showcase website for the launch of an accountant’s office in Marseille. The need for a sober and classy site, with no client-provided mockup. The site must highlight the accountant’s skills and enable easy contact for prospects. The client also needs to be able to modify the site’s content themselves and add blog articles to increase site traffic.

Technologies Used


For this project, I decided to use the Javascript framework Astro.js, which allows for pleasant development, effective routing, and comfortable rendering options (either static, SSR, or CSR).

It notably enables excellent site performance in terms of display speed. astro-perf.png Astro also allows for the development of APIs or e-commerce sites, which will enable me to adapt to any future evolution in my client’s site requirements.


Even for a showcase site with little logic, I appreciate having my code typed; the comfort provided by autocompletion and upfront error detection allows for smoother development.


I find that Tailwind allows for quick and efficient CSS once accustomed to the syntax. TailwindCSS


For the site’s content management, I decided to use Contentful A headless CMS that enables my client to manage the site’s content themselves. This technological stack allows me to achieve the best balance between:

  • Development time,
  • Project scalability,
  • Performance,
  • Desired functionalities,
  • Ecological impact

Result and Performance

The site is live and can be accessed here LBG-Expertise

The analysis with PagesSpeedInsight shows very good site performance, both on desktop and mobile Performance report


This will allow my client not to worry about the site’s performance for SEO, focusing instead on creating useful and relevant content for her clients.

The site has also been designed to have the lowest possible ecological impact, both in terms of site design (few requests, static build, small DOM size) and hosting choices. The site is hosted with CloudFlare, which is committed to an eco-friendly approach; their data centers are powered by renewable energies, further reducing the environmental impact of the site. Report on the site’s environmental impact

Feel free to contact me to ensure the creation of your eco-designed and high-performing showcase website. Contact me

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